Lift and Learn

Teaches customers about your products, teaches you about your customers

Nothing beats the tactile experience of a product in the hand.

Use examples of even the most complex products to give customers all the information they need to make a purchase decision. This is where you get to talk to your customers at the critical moment of customer consideration – when what they want is literally in the palm of their hand.

62% of consumers are driven into stores to see, touch, feel and try out items before making a purchase

They lift, everyone learns

  • Puts product in customers’ hand
  • Educates on any product details
  • Side-by-side product comparisons
  • Smart shelves integrate physical and digital experience

The More You Know, The Better You Plan

Leveraging in-store digital experiences generates valuable data that has been undiscoverable until now. Our ITP system, stitches together these digital experiences, synchronizes and analyzes the data, and combines it with unique customer profile information to uncover powerful and actionable insights to help transform the retail sales process and speak to your customers with more intelligence.

  • Improve lead quality
  • Actionable customer information in real time · Adds power to in-store operations
  • Ever evolving accuracy of information